Build your starup team by consensus, or not.

Paul Allen is putting his pizza where his mouth is. After writing an article in Connect on building a team by putting all interested parties in a room and letting the cream rise to the top, he's setting aside an afternoon to to just that. (Here's the post on Paul's blog.) A one day free for all. Paul must ended up with a good impression of the business problem solving breakout at the last Corporate Alliance Summit. (Personally, I thought the keynote by Chad Hymas was the best takeaway of the weekend. After being teary-eyed through most it I ran out and called my daughter.)


I think that a startup brouhaha sounds like a great idea. I fired off an email introduction to Paul asking if I could attend. We'll see if I'm persona non gratis. I do tend to eat a lot of pizza and that could make for some hard feelings with those left hungry. They might vote me off the island.