Design Engine: Robin Peng builds really cool things.

I met Robin Peng at a networking event this week and we immediately hit it off. Robin runs Design Engine, an industrial design shop where they're working on some stuff that just blew my socks off. (He let me play around with a 3D modeling tool that gives feedback. You can lift, move, bounce anything in the environment and actually 'feel' the differing weight. It was mindblowing.) I really liked the parachute Hummer that they designed for the Army. Rob made me sign a couple of non-disclosures so I can't tell you what they're up to except that you'll be seeing some of it soon. I didn't get home until 2 a.m..


Robin went to Art Center at the same time I was at USU. At the time (84-88) USU had one of the best illustration programs in the country and we'd bus down to LA in the summer to meet people. Art Center was always on the list. It was eye-opening to pull the bus into the parking lot and see that the students were driving BMW's and Lamborgini's. They'd rent Tigers from the Zoo for drawing classes. It was another world. We did kick their ass thought, at least in the illustration department.

Rob came out of the auto design program and was hired by Ford's Advanced Concept division. He's a 'Golden Child' in the best sense of the word. He's also just a great, genuine guy who I immediately trusted. I've set up a meeting with his team Monday to show the some medical laser & IPL technology that I'm in the process of turning into a business.

I'm adding Robin to the Fight Club list so you might meet him there.