Entrepreneure: Parallel, serial, or out of work?

 Are parallel entrepreneurs functional? A post Via A VC.

blockquote.gif128006775_a56fb7fc28_m.jpgThis week we saw Evan Williams launch Obvious Corporation.

Obvious is a place where Evan and other developers can build web services and launch them. They can do this in parallel as they have already done with Odeo and Twitter. Buying out the investors in Odeo means that Evan and his colleagues are doing this with their own time and money.

I think its a smart model. Build a network of web services (Evan calls them web apps), use the popularity of one service to launch another, keep the services that are small but successful, shut down the ones that don't work, and spin off the ones that really take off. I like it.

I think we are seeing more and more parallel entrepreneurship. It makes sense. Entrepreneurs realize that serial entrepreneurship means putting all their eggs in one basket. VCs get to leverage a portfolio effect and I think we'll see more entrepreneurs try to do the same."