Local text messaging: The perfect way for geeks to meed, I mean 'meet' girls.

Via: Springwise


How it works: every Wiffiti screen displays its own unique screen ID and the number to text one's message to. Texted messages show up in seconds. Besides replying, other users can also grow or fade messages by texting commands and a message's tag to the same screen.

The first Wiffiti screen was installed inSomeday Café in Boston, MA, a city that now has three additional Wiffiti screens. Other screens can be found in Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Knoxville, Boulder and New York. Costs for a user are the same as for sending a standard text/SMS message.

Makes for a great conversation starter, pick-up tool or interactive soapbox, and should go down well in other cities , especially as the rest of the world is truly SMS obsessed. And don't forget, there's ALWAYS money to be made the moment you figure out how to get consumers to start sending text messages.

Website: www.wiffiti.com