Fiddlers Elbow: Lying to the wives club.

Fight Club Recap

tn_fight_club_front.jpgFight Club met last night at Fiddlers Elbow for dinner.

Ryan and I have had a few discussions about what we might do to make it better but we like the format and atmosphere so much that whatever we do will just be minor tweeks. I did have a request for a change of venue so we'll meet somewhere else next time. (We might also do a lunch since the Provo crowd whines that their wives won't let the out after dark.) 

Here's what I think I learned.

Alex Lawrence wasn't posting about me when he complained about prolific bloggers. (He signed a disclaimer to that effect after I sat on him and threatened to take compromising photos of him in a Papa Johns.) 

Bob Barnes ( drinks what I thought to be an odd concoction of half regular, half diet Coke. He referred to this as Mormon crack i think.  Bob's looking for love and has offered a $1000 reward to any Fight Club Member who finds him a wife. I think this bounty is payable after the marriage although he might be willing to pay half up front for an engagement. I tried to find a photo of Bob on the web but was unsuccessful. I'll look harder later as I want that geld.

Ryan Money ( needed an anniversary present so I told him I'd give his wife a $1000 gift certificate to Surface to keep him out of the dog house in exchange for him buying my dinner. That seemed like a good deal to me (save $1000 vs $25 dinner) but the blackard ran out before the bill came leaving me to fend for myself. Nice. (Note to self: Don't sit on Alex in front of Ryan. It scares him.)

Jordy Gunderson needs a cell phone charger if anyone has one. Jordy's over at using GeekSpeek to translate Python, C# (C-pound) wiki, java, and such for the accountants. Jordy's half nerd / half business / half something else. I'll be interested to read his fight story when he submits it. Still waters run deep.

Colin Kelly (Connect Magazine) sat on the opposite end of the table but I was able to move down and talk to him for a while. Colin was a Fight Club Virgin but held his own. (Everyone know that if it's your first night at Fight Club you have to fight.) I think I saw Colin wrestling with a salad. I'll be happy when Connect Blogs are scraping something other than Chris Knudsens blogger blog. (I have to read him twice and it's warping my mindshare.) Lumin is coming out with a mag specifically for entrepreneurs. My wager is that it will be good. Connect is by far the best business mag in the mountain west.

Geoff Osmond was there but I think it was just to park Colins car.

Richard Tripp from Yepic came in. His hair cut was the first of it's kind at a Fight Club Event:


 From a previous Fight Club recap:

Haircuts: During dinner I commented that there are a number of popular hair styles at the table that included:

  • The Flowbee: One length all over... aka Jordy.
  • The Hedgehog: Spiky all over. This seems to be extremely popular with Connect Magazines Geoff Osmond. I've also seen it sported by others including Brock Blake from
  • The Sissy Mohawk: Kind of a ridge running the entire crest of the head. Ryan Money of HireVue had one on this time.
  • The Ducks Ass: This is the name of that little 'flip' haircut that you see all the Neumont and SUVC youngsters with.
  • 'Warnock Porn Hair': This was one that I'd never heard of but Money labeled me as having. My own name for my hair style is 'disheveled elegance'.
Richard's cut is an "inverted Dorothy Hamill" that looks rather good on him. Richard came without his Yepic sidkick Cory which is a shame. Cory's a nice guy I've met before and worth adding. Besides, they make a nice couple.


I don't mean to give short shrift to others there but even I cant dig everyone.

Fight Clubs something of a surprise to me. It's become a really fun event that's already made a number of connections that I know of. The relaxed atmosphere leads to a comfort level that you don't get with a 'what do you do - what do you do" event where you don't have time to actually talk.

Now if we can just get Bob married.