Undercover People Watching: Try not to giggle when you're in the can.

hideout02.jpgFrom the same crew that brought you the hair hat...

For the voyeur in all of us. Now you can purchase that famous French spy contraption that helped keep Inspector Custeau from being seen on urban stake outs.

This is just the thing for scared tourists in New York. Just stop, drop, and set up shop. (This is not a plan by NY's mayor to address the homeless problems by spray painting their cardboard boxes.)

The key to making this plan work is to prevent the intended targets from seeing you set up. That just breaks the whole concept as most people are quick enough to be suspicious of a human transformer peeking at them through the intelligently designed observation ports. (Everythings in wide screen.)

hideout01.jpgOf special note is the ability to use this for what appears to be an observatory or pidgeon hunting lodge .

Of course if you get caught doing something you shouldn't, you can expect to have some rather unhappy subjects exact their pound of flesh.