Hey Fight Club wusses: Where's yer story?

fight_stories_193106.jpgFight Club: Membership Requirement #1

I've heard much talk from some about what great fight stories some of you have. So far it's just been big talk. Alex and Ryan... you know who you are.

Membership Requirement #1:

Write and publish (to this site) the story of the last fight you were involved in. (Physical blows exchanged.)

Entrepreneure Fights

If you've never been in a fight you have three alternatives: Write a fictional story of a fight that you might have been in at some time in your lift but that you loose embarrassingly. Write a thesis on why physical violence can't solve society's problems and how this site is destroying our children. Put your tail between your legs and slink away knowing you're not Fight Club material.

Write your story and send it to me here