CEO Startup Networking: Fight Club Lunch

Fight Club had it's first lunch today and a whole new tribe showed up.

sm.fightclub.jpgWe'll, not entirely new but there were a few new faces. As is always the case, I didn't get to talk to everone for any great length of time. My apologies to those I specifically invited and then didn't get time to talk to. I'll have to make a complete FC list when I get a chance. I think I counted 17 and we were overflowing in some areas.

There are some interesting dynamics. I'm suprised at these events that there never seems to be any lapses in the conversations going on. Robin Peng of Design Engine showed up. Robin runs an industrial design shop that creates prototypes of about anything imaginable; cars, aircraft, light switches, medical devices, and the new Apple Core that's hitting the shelves as we speak.

I also got to talk for a while with Ted Broman of Integracore. They manufacture and oursorce anything and everything from DVD's to day planners. Ted's someone I've know and respected for some time now.

Brad Staker of Staker Group was also there but I didn't get a long time to talk to Brad.

Daniel Holsinger showed. I saw his pitch for his startup at the Funding Univers speed pitching event and fired him off an email.

Judd & Jordy called me since they were at the wrong location. The Overstock duo made it in time to eat though.