No flaming comments are safe.

I think that most businesses should be running their own blog. Most businesses don't.

The most common excuses I hear are no time and no knowledge. 

For the first time today on any of my blogs I deleted a comment. Damn. Simply a knee jerk reaction and something I regret. Adam, owner of My Secret Chef in Bountiful, flamed me for my post about customer service. I didn't even get the whole thing read and deleted it.

But there is something to be learned and it's something I've tried to teach to my daughter. "Never bait anyone who owns the mic". You're stuck in a no win situation. This blog gets a few thousand unique viewers each month from inside Utah. It's not the place to pick a fight since you don't control the mic.

I actually like Adam quite well. He's trying to run a difficult business from what I saw. I'm sure that he was angered when he came across a post that used him as an example of  what I saw as a poor choice. Guess he got a little miffed and decided to use my own blog to flame me. It's not the first time someone's taken exception to my opinion. These things can get a little out of hand and are generally not worth the effort and conflict.

So he flamed me and I deleted his comment. My bad and I'm sorry for it.

So, if you're around Bountiful, My Secret Chef is a great place to pick up dinner on your way home from work.