Top Five Venture Capital Firm Web Pages

top%205-741409.gifGreg Gallants Top Five Venture Capital Firm Web Pages.

I don't have much to add although I'll plug Venture Voice as amont the top 5 venture podcasts worth listening to as you drive around with your iPod buds jammed into your ear canals.

 Gregs List:

5. Sequoia Capital's Share Your Idea Page
The firm that bankrolled Google and YouTube understands how to build a website. This page makes the list for simply using headers like "pain killers" and "inferno".

4. First Round Capital's Our Focus Page
It usually takes a mental jargon filter to decipher a VC firm's "about us" page and figure out what type of deals it likes to do. This page provides a bulleted and clear narrative of how First Round likes to invest (as if their name doesn't provide enough of a clue).

3. Omidyar Network's Employees Page
If VC firms are all about people, why not list all of them? In alphabetical order, you can find bios for everyone from the chairman to the administrative assistant. You can even view how their bios have changed over time.

2. Union Square Ventures's Home Page
While many VC's have blogs, Union Square Ventures is the first -- and to my knowledge only -- VC firm to make their home page a blog. Is that a good idea? Just check their publicly available stats.

1. Bessemer Venture Partners's Anti-Portfolio
Don't think this firm takes itself too seriously just because they were founded in 1911. In what must be the boldest VC web page ever posted, they list all the now-great companies that they passed on funding, which include PayPal, Apple, eBay, Intel and Google. A clear message to entrepreneurs: Don't give up hope just because a VC said your company stinks.