Venture Deal: Your guide to Venture Capital, but no RSS feed.

vd_logo.gifVenture Deal

These guys are showing up as ads in some of my rss feeds so I gave them a click drive by.

I love the three big buttons, the bottom one of which is for service firms so they can find funded companies and immediately proceed to shorten your runway. As Borat says, "very nice".

Here's what they say they do: VentureDeal is an online database that gives subscribers the latest information about technology-related venture capital transactions and dealmakers in the United States and Israel.

You can trust VentureDeal. All deal information content is sourced from publicly disclosed documents within hours of publication. Our consistent attention to detail and ongoing, multiple-review quality control process provide you with the assurance of quality information.

While they have a blog, Venture Deal has no general RSS feed. You're going to have to use one of the four buttons they post. What's up with that? and...

Does anyone in this field but me get tired of the 10 ways to get money from an investor series that includes gems like... it takes time, and get a personal referral... I'll bet I can list the next 7.

  1. Get a stellar advisory board.
  2. Passionate, startup experienced, & trustworthy management
  3. Bootstrap your way to success.
  4. Big Big Market
  5. Scalable to infinity & beyond
  6. Tell them your happy to be replaced.
  7. Tell they you have answers to India & China.

Maybe I'm just cranky.  But a site with no rss feed can do that to a guy.

But I'll leave a trackback anyway.