The Art of the Sign Up Page

backpack1_thumb1.pngTim Bednar over at Turtle Interactive has written a great post on “The Art of the Sign Up Page“ where he discusses his insights and decisions. 

I selected these sites because I thought they were well done and were subscription based, productivity applications. Other applications I reviewed included: 30boxes, Blogger,, Flock, Give Meaning, Kiko, My Pick List, Titlez, CRM from Zoho, Zopa, Second SiteLinkedIn,, Vyew, and Cork'd.

What elements make up a sign up page?

The best place to start is to list all of the elements that compose a sign up page:

  • Logo
  • Elevator pitch
  • Description copy
  • List of key features
  • List of key benefits
  • Call to action
  • Testimonials
  • Tours
  • Examples of who is using the application
  • Screen shots
  • Life-style images
  • Link to more information (price, login, about, blog, terms, privacy)