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My daughters new blog.

I thought this was a good idea for a number of reasons. First, she loves horses and if I'm going to have to continue to pay for shoeing, vet bills, feed and training... We're going to make it a business. (Of course, Dad doesn't get it.)

(After seeing that I received a check from Yahoo last month my daughter also thinks this is a good idea. She has dollar signs prancing in her head already.)

My wife is also involved. She's just got her new advertising site up (Wild Blue Creative) and now we're off on the pony express. Our goals with this new pony site are:

  • Give Madison (our daughter) a place to express herself and gain positive feedback. Gramsie & Gramps, Yaya & Papu, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and fellow academy riders can all be counted on to provide this.
  • Provide a method that by itself teaches consistency and self motivation. ie. No posts / no quality = no traffic.
  • Provides and outlet where she can express her love for riding.
  • Offers some experience in building something of value that people want.
  • Lets her generate income that's a direct result of her own efforts (with parential help and moderation).
Pony Tail Club will be completely kid safe, friendly and positive. If you have anyone interested in reading the ongoing reality show saga of girls who love horses, please send them a link.


Interestingly, I just put the site up yesterday and there are already 30 rss subscribers. I find that unusual.