Nimble's Long Tail

It's late and I have to drive up to Layton early tomorrow morning but now I'm wide awake. I often take an hour or so before I go to bed and read and a number of blogs I've tagged on Del.ic.ious. Bloggers link a lot and I came upon a Long Tail post that led me to a number of other sites/blogs. Now I can't sleep. I've found the terminology that perfectly describes Nimbles business model. A model that I've struggled to be able to explain to small business owners and potential partners.

Nimble is an aggregator. That is, we're looking to become an aggregator...  Taking all small business and building a marketplace that allows them to sell in real time no matter how small they are. Reading these Long Tail posts has really got me motivated.

I'm posting this as a placeholder while I take some time to think about this. Long Tail Baby.

Long Tail Links:
The Long Tail Blog
Wired Magazine Article by Chris Anderson (Coined the term)
The Long Tail on Wikipedia