Business Venture Podcasting

I've discovered podcasting.

A few weeks ago I attended the speed pitching event (see current events here). One of the presenters was a startup, Podango, that plans to aggregate podcasting into vertical channels of specific interest, manage advertising, and split fees with the podcasters. Some podcasters would be managing their own marketplace and recruit new podcasters into their vertical and presumably, receive an overide.

I was surprised to see they ranked 8 out of 10 presenters. (I think that this may partly be due to the funding that they had just received and their announcement that they 'just wanted to be friends'.)

So they peaked my interest. I pulled out my iPod from before Christmas last and plugged in. I'm impressed. I've been listening to Venture Voice and Business Jive for the last two weeks. It's a little hit and miss with each but, hey, waddaya want for free. (I do find the musical interludes on Jive slightly distracting although I found Shawn Nelson to be a surprisingly good musician/singer.)

Venture Voice is out of NY and Business Jive is local so the interviews differ. Venture Voice is slightly ahead in my poll although BJ has a couple of good casts.  (Some serious attention needs to be paid to the Business Jive site however as it's got a 'needs work' feel.) Venture Voice pulls away in that each podcast interview has a page with an abbreviated transcript and links to everything that's mentioned.

I'd like to find some more podcasing sites worth listening to. If you have any, please leave a comment or email me.