Yo, Sam needs a gig.

Anyone who's in need of a short time paid programming gig or internship:

I met Sam a few weeks ago at the Geek Dinner and liked him tremendously. Sam's going to be doing some work for Nimble but he's got a few hours here and there that he wants to put to use.

Sam's still over there at Neumont but he's a motivated short-hair and would like to make a little geld during his breaks. I've included his resume and contact info below so take a look.

Samuel Walker

481 East 550 South #2

Bountiful, UT 84010

Email: samuel.walker@student.neumont.edu

Phone: (801)808-6914


To gain knowledge and experience in the software development industry.


Neumont University:

Current G.P.A. 4.0. Currently Junior. Projected graduation date: April 2007.

Weber State University:

First year G.P.A. 3.96. General Associates Degree.

High School Education:

Graduated with High Honors with completion of many honors and a.p. classes

Work Experience:

Neumont University, South Jordan, Utah; Grader; from September 2005 to December 2005. Responsibilities: Grading assignments for Information Modeling class.

Tel: (801)733-2800 Andrew Carver

Walker Clearing, SLC, Utah; Programmer/Office Worker; from June 2004 to present.

Responsibilities: Development of software to aid business, dealing with clients' needs by phone and in person, general office duties. Currently working part time on as-needed basis.

Tel: (801)533-9848 James Walker

TDJ Finishing, North Salt Lake, Utah; Preparation and Packaging Employee, from June 1999 to March 2002

Responsibilities: Preparing different materials for painting, computer maintenance; preparing and packaging finished parts

Phone: (801)936-4264 Donald Walker


Software development:

developing in C# .NET in Visual Studio 2003 and 2005 (about 1 year experience)

Windows Forms programming

Web Forms (ASP .NET)

Integration with web services

Writing ASP .NET Web services

ADO .Net database programming in Microsoft SQL Server

Database administration using SQL Server 2000 and 2005.

Database modeling using ORM (object role modeling).

Certifications: passed Microsoft C# WinForms exam (70-316) – MCP certified (Microsoft Certified Professional)

Certifications: passed Microsoft C# WebForms exam (70-315) – MCP certified (again)

Microsoft Office 2003: Word, Excel, Access


Taught English to foreign students every week for two years. Prepared lessons, taught, and answered questions in classes.


Fluent with the ability to read and write in the Russian language.


Served in the position of Senior Class Vice President at Viewmont High School. Was group leader of two projects at Neumont University: 1) Point of sales and inventory management system in Widows Forms for service station. 2) E-Commerce website for business that included inventory management, sales, shipping, etc. Also have been an active member of a few other groups working on other applications.


Through two years of continuous voluntary religious service, the skills to set goals and the ability to work hard to achieve them were developed. Spent time in a leadership position being accountable for several other missionaries and their motivation, goal setting, progress, and instruction.


Don Walker, Employer at TDJ Finishing: (801)299-9899

Anne Allred, Senior Class Officer Advisor: (801)298-4133

Graham Doxey, President of Neumont University: (801)733-2800