Fight Club is here.


What's Fight Club?

Fight Club is a monthly event (usually dinner) for entrepreneurs and startup CEOs.

Yeah, there are a number of other events around. The Geek Dinner. Corporate Alliance. Chambers. The CTO Breakfast. But Fight club is for startups to network with each other. (At least that's the idea. We'll see where it goes.)

Why Fight Club?

Geek Dinners taken. Besides, it's cooler to tell your wife/staff/buddies that you're going to Fight Club than have to ask strangers directions to the Geek Dinner. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Fight Club is about connecting, not selling

Fight Club Members are entrepreneurs and business owners who understand that people are not the sum of what they can do for you. We're organized to build introductions and relationships between entrepreneurs outside the regular business environment. You can sell again on Monday.

How you fit in

Fight Club is small on purpose. We want to offer an environment where people can get to know the 'person' they're talking to, before the business. Anyone can come, you just have to attend with a member the first time.

Fight Club is not an Old Boys Network

We're just a bunch of similarly situated guys who value semi-inteligent conversation and understand that expanding your network and being of service is also good business.