Utah Bloggers offers you free pizza & t-shirt.

I thought the first Utah Bloggers whatchamacallit went well. Ryan (whom I know well) and Phil Burns (whom I do not) performed admirably with a first throw of the dice. I spoke with Ryan after the event and he claimed he'd have been happy with a turn out of 50. There were obviously were many more.

Here's my post-partum critique of the event and the attendees from the back row.

  1. While a panel is fine as background noise while you chow down on the pizza, the general info being disseminated is not the optimal use of the event for those of us familiar with blogs and blogging. I think I'd prefer informal groups where I could find out about the bloggers.
  2. Bloggers hide behind their blogs. Sheesh. It's like the 'geek' dinner. You'd think that speaking in person was a hazardous activity. I could care less about what type of software is used, I'd like to actually know who I'm reading.
  3. Interest is high. It was equally obvious that bloggers are looking for a venue like this.
An excellent start. Makes me happy that Ryan Money is coming on as a principal in Fight Club.