Somebody stole my domain name.

Somebody stole my domain name, that dirty son of a bitch. I've had the domain for the last eight years from a former stint as an artist, it was my art site. Since I've been so busy lately, somebody came along and as soon as that domain expired, they snapped it up.

I can't really say I blame anybody except myself. I'm sure a bot snaped up a domain that's been registered for a long time immediately, as soon as it goes offline. I do have something of an ethical problem with the people that do this, since really, they're adding no value to anything the damn parasites. So now I'm going to have to register another domain and switch over my site. It could be worse, of course, but I still think it's kind of screwed up that these guys are allowed to register a domain, make a dead end with a bunch of paid advertising links on it, so that when you get there you have no option except to click a paid link. I hate that.