Post directly to your blog using the ultimate speech recognition.

I have recently put to a new form of blogging using a pay service called Copytalk.

_mouth.jpgCopytalk uses a transcription model for which I pay around $50 a month. I am able to call up a phone number and just talk. The transcription is sent, I think to India, although I'm not sure, and typed by a real person who then deposits it in my e-mail box.

Since I'm using Squarespace for my blogs, I don't have the option of posting directly from email. However, there are a number of blogging options that allow you to e-mail a post directly which means that it can be set it up so that instead of coming to my inbox, it just appears on the blog. Now to post a blog, all I typically do is type 8 on my speed dial and start talking. That is how this post is generated. I'm curious to see after I have posted for a while using this method whether my blog post become more or less coherent.