Sundance & Silicon Valley

Evan Williams posted his desire to find some good  times at the Sundance Film Festival.

sundance_marquee.jpgWhen i lived in Manhattan I'd sometimes come out and run around seeing films. The locals avoid all things on Main Street during Sundance since it's something of a Zoo. The swarms from NY and LA are know locally as PIBs (People In Black). Guess why?

I lived in Manhattan for 10 years and my wife and I were mistaken for PIBs one Sundance while we were in a local store. I had to reply that we were the LIBs, Locals in Black. My color selection has widened since then.

I emailed Evan and extend this invitation to anyone who might be attending Sundance this year: I have access to a few of the $2500 Sundance passes. If you'd like one or two, let me know and I'll check on the availability.

Here's the deal:

Express Pass
Includes Closing Weekend
$2,500 each

If you want to choose your screenings once you get to the Film Festival, the Express Pass-B is for you. No ticket selection is required for Express Pass-B holders but you must be in your seat at least 15 minutes prior to screening times. Admission to all public screenings at all theatres and panel discussions within Pass dates is included. All Festival B-Passes also include admission to the Closing Night film on January 27 and Awards Night Party on January 27.