Fight Club: Where's the perfect venue?

tn_fight_club_front.jpgFight Club's been holding our entrepreneur networking & eating for about 10 months now and if anything, it's gaining popularity.

It's amazing to see how a horizontal network like Fight Club works. I'll post more on that since I've had a number of 'oh so deep' conversations on the topic that are worth posting. (BTW, we're completely female friendly as long as you meet the criteria.)

But I digress. I'm looking for some input on potential new Fight Club venues.

Here's what we're looking for:

  • Location: SL valley that's fairly close to the freeways.
  • Decent food: We've chosen 'pub' food so far so everyone can find something they want.
  • Relatively quiet: I need to hear Ryan Money (who's blog is now up again) complaining about my 'porn hair'.
  • Large area where we could pull a few tables together. The last lunch we had 17 and we're overflowing.
If you have any suggestions that approximate at least a few of these criteria, comment on this post or email me at jeffbarson 'at' If you're not a member and we choose you're venue, you're getting an invite.