Funding Universe Speedpitching

fundinguniverse.gifFunding Universe is having a speedpitching event next week.

Having been to a few of these speedpitching events, it's easy to see the improvement in the companies that are pitching.

If you're looking for money or pitching to Angels, I'd suggest that you read this post on Fake Angel Investing from David Cohen's Colorado Startups blog. If you've ever heard really green entrepreneurs talk about the value of their company, you'll see that it has the 'ring of truth'. There are a number of Colorado blogs I subscribe to including: Colorado Startups l Feld Thoughts l 5280 Angel

TechStars is a site you might want to look at as well. Has Colorado had any speedpitching events yet Brock? Perhaps Funding Universe can get the startups that TechStars incubates to drive over here in a big bus and pitch in a few months. Then again, perhaps the TechStar Guys want to keep the good ones to themselves.


Benefits for Investors

•    See several investment worthy deals in just a few hours
•    Opportunity to support and mentor entrepreneurs
•    Networking with other investors and angel groups
•    New deal flow….many of which have not been seen before
•    Take away materials including copies of one-page company profiles

Benefits for Entrepreneurs

•    2 hours of personalized coaching/feedback on how to pitch to angel investors
•    Access to dozens of active investors
•    Efficient use of time and limited resources for bootstrapping entrepreneurs   
•    Networking opportunities with investors, service providers and other entrepreneurs  
•    Valuable feedback from investors emailed to you after the event