Techstars & Y-combinator: Exactly the right idea.

66256.pngTechStars received a nice leg up from TechCrunch.

In reading the TechCruch thread I was struck by a couple of thoughts while I was reading the post and the comments.

  1. Novice entrepreneurs are extremely easy to spot. They talk about ideas as having intrinsic values in the millions and they're extremely covert and suspicious that everyone will steal their idea.
  2. TechStars seem to have nothing but good intentions.
  3. I wish there were more adopters of this kind of setup.
It's interesting to note how different incubators have been initiated. Programs that take 30% or more in equity with anti-dilution clauses or personally secured venture debt don't make sense for the entrepreneur or the investor. They prevent a company who's really successful from being able to take additional capital and grow.

I'm going to give this some more thought. Perhaps I'll see if the TechStar Guru's will let me fly/drive out for a weekend and make friends?