Ask the VC: A new Q&A blog.

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One of the better VC blogs in my opinion, Ask the VC uses a Q&A format and the VC duo of Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson answer with specifics. As Borat says, "very nice".

About Ask the VC: Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson

Brad and Jason have been working together since 2000 when Jason joined Mobius Venture Capital, a venture capital firm that Brad co-founded. They started writing together on Brad's Feld Thoughts blog sometime in 2005 with their Term Sheet Series. After several other series about issues facing venture capital backed companies, Jason and Brad decided to start AsktheVC.

Why This Blog?

We’ve started this blog to discuss relevant issues in the venture capital and entrepreneurial ecosystem. As you may know, we’ve spent a lot of time over the past three years writing about venture capital and entrepreneurship on Feld Thoughts. We’ve had great feedback regarding our regular posts on matters that effect people in our industry, as well as our blog series on topics such as term sheets, letters of intent, and 409A. We've also had a lot of fun and learned a lot from the questions that people have asked us.

We've decided to put more focused effort into regularly addressing these questions. Brad will still blog about venture capital and entrepreneurship, and we'll occasionally cross-post between blogs, but we'll begin to use AsktheVC to address the steady stream of questions we are now getting on a daily basis from entrepreneurs around the world.

You can expect the same thoughtful and honest opinions that we’ve always had. We will also tackle bigger issues in a larger format than a single post. Our goal is that this blog becomes a broadly used informational source on venture capital and entrepreneurship. To achieve this, we welcome (and encourage) questions from anyone reading this and hope that "meaty" questions lead to better and more relevant content for our readers.

Certainly a nice thought and something of a step-up from the typical generalist or self-specific VC blogs.