Nimble Theory was Sendsider for a day.

adiu.moonI'm changing the name of this blog again. I can't remember what it started out as. Most recently it's been Nimble Theory. Now it's Sendsider.

While Sendsider feels specific to Sendside Networks, I'll still be posting about Fight Club (which is about to make a come back by the way), angel investing, managing, startups, and the like. There may certainly be a change in the overall tone since I'm reducing greatly my time and involvement in Surface Medical and the businesses around it.

Sendsides in an odd situation right now. In the near term we're staying relatively quiet, which contradicts somewhat my need and desire to build interest and add users into the system. In November we're going to be opening our product to a limited number of Beta users to garner some feedback and try to get the user experience to be nirvana. We'll see what happens.

I'll be adding a link shortly for those of you who would like to get in to this Beta.