Is Google pimping your blog... or just pimping you?

cig36.jpgSInce Google's been on the tear, there's been a discernable backlash that I think will continue to grow. Google's the next Microsoft that will be the business that people love to hate.

While the much ballyhooed 'do no evil' is touted, Google's detractors are also getting more coherent.

Here's part of a post from Online Advertising about how Google's pimping out your blog. (And not in a good way.) 

  • They bully you into thinking that you cannot stand up to them and say anything bad about them or your SEO results might drop, or you Google PR might suddenly dip.   Just like real world pimps do to their hookers, they bully them into feeling like they have no choice but to stay with the pimp.

  • Google threatens you if you decide to make some of your own money off selling your own text links on your own site.  Google does not want you to make any side cash that cuts them out of the deal.  If Google finds out that you are cheating on them they will probably also cut your PR ranking down to size.  Almost like real world pimps except they probably beat their hookers if they earn money somewhere else.

  • They will take anything they can get.  Yes, just like hookers who really don’t have any standard as to who they do business with, Google again has absolutely no standards.  They will let any site run Google AdSense, it doesn’t matter if the content is stolen, ripped off, questionable, nonsensical, full of profanity, racist, complete garbage, duplicated, never updated and just plan crap, Google will bang it.

  • Just like real world pimps who already have low ethical standards and don’t usually have any problems promoting and/or making money off other illegal activity, Google too, does not care if companies who are advertising on their network are committing federal offenses.  Selling counterfeits of registered trademarked material is illegal and is actually a federal offense in many countries including the good old US of A, where Google is headquartered.  Does Google care if thousands of companies are selling counterfeits through its advertising service?  Hell no.  Do a quick search on Google for “Louis Vuitton” Probably one of the most ripped off brands in the world.  This search you will not only finds tonnes of companies selling illegal products, try to actually find a legit one.  (Vuitton sued Google successfully in Feb 2005 for this very reason and they still turn a blind eye.)  Does Google refuse this money?  Why would they?
As for myself, I use Yahoo.