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The Sendside Invitation-only Beta is now open.

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Due to the number of requests we're receiving, we may have to limit membership for a short time. If you think someone you know would also like to be included, now's the time.

Welcome to the Sendside.

What is Sendside?

Sendside is the world's first secure, private, spam–free communications network. We think it has the potential to fundamentally change the way that people & businesses interact on the web by adding something important to every interaction. Trust.

With Sendside, there are no anonymous users, and it's unbelievably secure.

It looks and feels like email (so you already know how to use it), but it's very different since you have total control over what information you send, and what people can send to you.

Here's some of the cool stuff you can already do on Sendside:

  • Live without spam or phishing. (Zero. Zilch. Nada.)
  • Still send to any email address. (Just like your regular email.)
  • Get important info online instead of by mail. (contracts, medical records, account info. Stuff that can't be sent by email for security reasons.)
  • Store all of your important documents and files online.
  • Access from anywhere there's an internet connection.
  • Send huge file attachments (currently 100MB)
  • Recall a message even after it's been read. (Oops button)
  • Restrict anyone from forwarding a message.
  • See who your message was forwarded to.. and who they sent it to. Forever.
  • Send a self destruct message.
  • Let your kids use it as their email. (It's Family friendly)
  • Did we say there was no spam? There's also no porn, Viagra, or phony messages from eBay.

Here's what you're going to be able to do pretty soon:

  • Manage every business communication in one place. (Bank accounts, medical records, taxes, insurance...whatever.)
  • Send or receive payments instantly. (PaySide)
  • Pay every bill online. (Even a one-time bill like a $5 doctor's co-pay.)
  • Accept signatures for simple approvals or legally binding contracts.

So, let the revolution begin.