Trolley Square shootings in Salt Lake.

13slay2_lg-thumb.jpgIf you're in Utah and have the news on, you've heard that there was a shooting tonight at Trolley Square. Five dead and others in critical condition.

I just missed it.

I was downtown looking at a new location for a medical spa with my buddy Shane. We decide to go eat and since Shane had his four year old with him, he suggested the Spaghetti Factory in Trolley Square since everyone gets ice cream.

We left about 30 minutes before the gunman walked in that very door and started shooting. Events are fuzzy but it sounds as if five people were killed and some critically wounded.

You never know when your life will change. 

During my 10 years in Manhattan I saw guns pulled five time in anger but no shootings. Gun violence is becoming a part of everyday life in America.