ImageKind Sales: Web 2.0 pays off.

So I finally made some money from a web 2.0 site.

2519ad47-7f03-458d-b8e8-5a89670d8afc.jpgA few weeks ago I uploaded some of my images to ImageKind, a 'print on demand' site for artists to show their work.

(I'd found them when someone had been hawking my unlicensed images. ImageKind responded immediately when I notified them and were much easier to deal with than I'd expected.)

Anyway, an image was sold, printed, and delivered. I got a check that didn't bounce. Great.

ImageKinds business model is like Cafe Press except that they're making their money from the framing. The artists have total control over pricing and whatever else they want. So someone bought a largish poster for $245 of a painting that's actually 5 by 6 feet and cost $45k. Not a bad deal for anyone.

I did speak with them about limited editions which are not currently possible. Trying to think of a way around that.