Niche Blogging: Designing a niche for the non blog savvy.

I've created a few niche blogs for my non blog-savvy family.

Niche blogging is certainly the best way to grow a readership. Between this blog and Medical Spa MD, my personal blogs have 12,000 unique monthly visitors, 1000 rss feed subscribers, and almost 100,000 page loads.

The Medspa MD blog has the most of everything. Why? It's a niche. Medical Spa MD is targeted almost exclusively at physicians in the US who have, or are interested in having, a cosmetic medical practice or medical spa. I built that blog for them, a niche.

So I've started some niche blogs for my family members who like or might benefit from blogging. There's...

  • Moon's%20Secret_.jpgPony Tail Club - A girl & her horse: I've been after my daughter and wife for a while to start this blog. We've got a whole spiel. I'm the doubting father who pays the bills but doesn't really get what all the hubbubs about. As I expressed for a long time to my wife, the targets not only girls with horses but all girls who've ever liked horses. Interestingly, since I've taken on the doubting father role I've even been chastised by an old woman named Maple who says, " These girls are doing hard work and the last thing they need is a mean man in the house. You just be nice."

  • Kid Agent - A Hollywood Talent Agent: For my sister who's down in LA putting movie deals together and managing stage moms. Unlike the venture tech community, Hollywood insiders don't really blog. I've decide that this is a great opportunity for my sis and I've told her so. She's just had a baby but I've got high hopes for what she'll do. The benefits to her will be increased 'talent flow' and status. I'm intent on making her the Michael Arrington of Hollywood. Perhaps I should go with Talent Crunch.

  • Entertainer - An actor in New York: I've got a buddy, Yoshi Shiraki, who's changed his name to Christopher Becerril. Yosh is half Japanese and half Mexican. He's lived in London and NY as a top stylist at Vidal Sasoon, boxed Golden Gloves, and tried out for the US Olympic Team in the Skeleton. (When no one retired he didn't make the team so he got himself Mexican citizenship and solicited Mexico to create a skeleton team of one.) So once his blog gets off the ground, it should be an interesting read.

  • A Chestnut Pony: Once my daughter had her pony blog up I had to make one for her cousin Elle if just to keep Pony Tail Club from being overrun with comments.

I've fired up a few others but those are the leaders. If you're looking to give blogging a run, design your niche and know your target. It's a startup stupid... get your groove on.