Randall Bateman: IP Law & angry desk jocky.

Fight Club: Rand Bateman is an IP lawyer. Here's his last fight.

It was one of those days when you just don't feel well and you can't wait to go home.  All of the sudden I felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder and realized one of the lineman from our high school football team had just punched me in the shoulder.  He probably just meant it as a joke, but just sitting upright was about all I could muster.
The next second was a blur.  When my brain reengaged I was standing above him holding his desk in my hands like a bad pro wrestling move.  He was staring up at me.
I put his desk back and quietly sat down.  As he got up off the floor the teacher turned and asked if their was a problem.  "No problem," he replied.
Fortunately my irrational action surprised him enough that he didn't wipe the floor with me.  After that he was actually pretty nice to me.