Matt's taking over the ole Fight Club Blog.

So I've got a few blogs going. There's this one, Pony Tail Club (my daughters), Kid Agent (my sisters), and Medical Spa MD, my blog for docs in cosmetic medicine.

I was blogging hot and heavy there for a while. Then I got a small amount of burn out and this site's postings dropped to zero for the last two months along with Fight Club Dinners. Say La Vie.

Previously I offered the Fight Club Blog to anyone who might be interested in taking it over. Matthew Prestwich won that coveted position so he'll be posting over there. I'm actually anxious to see what he'll write since he's been reading a number of Utah bloggers including Josh over at MWI and Paul Allen's blog. I know that mail boxes will be among the topics. I've also extended an invitation to FC so if Matt's incredibly interesting you'll be able to meet him there.