Virginia Tech: Gun dealer's now sold guns for 5 murders.

Like everyone else, I've been watching the news about the Virginia Tech Massacre.

_42815029_glock_cut.jpgI was watching Larry King last night and one of the guests was the owner of the pawn shop where Cho purchased or picked up the weapons he used in the killings.

He talked about a completely normal and legal sale. 

The owner came across as a calm older guy running a business and when he mentioned he'd received nasty calls and emails and that he'd run a background check and nothing came back so there was nothing he could do, my reaction was that he was completely blameless...

Sometimes I read news from other countries. In reading about these killings on the BBC, I came across the following paragraph that caught my attention.

John Markell, the owner of the Roanoke firearms shop really have wanted to sell Cho the 9mm Glock if he had read some of these pages? After all four guns sold from his shop had already been reportedly involved in other homicides.

Evidently John Markell has sold the weapons that have been used in five separate homicide incidents with at least 36 people dead. (32 at VT and four others.) That's quite a record. I wonder how much money his pawn shop has made from the sale of those five weapons?

Sometimes it might be good to question whether you're really contributing to society in a beneficial, not just blameless, way.