How to get 500+ comments on your blog post.

Since I gave up the Fight Club blog to Matthew Prestwich, I've been blogging infrequently here, and more often at my blog for physicians in cosmetic medicine, Medical Spa MD. Three blogs was just too much, especially since I've still got to make all of the links on my daughters blog at Pony Tail Club. She's on a Mac and can't pull up the WYSIWYG on squarespace.

logo.gifEven with the infrequent postings, this blog is now at 5000 unique readers a month. But the real surprise is that Medical Spa MD is going to go over 16,000 uniques and 1,200 RSS feed subscribers, most of which are physicians. Yowza. It's growing at about 25% month over month.

But the interesting thing is the content. Medspa MD gets between 5 and 35 comments a day.

Take a look at this post on Dermacare Medspa Franchises and Laser Clinics which currently stands at 500+ comments. It's become a  watering hole for that whole business and the corporation under discussion, Dermacare, sent me a cease and desist letter. That blog has prompted a flurry of corporate emails. Interestingly, the Dermacare franchisees forward them to me.

American Laser Clinics, Sona and Radiance Medspas are other medical spa business I've discussed that didn't fare too well. I've been contacted by a number of lawyers who wish me ill and send me nasty writings. But there are others, Thermage for example, who want to get in front of those doctors in a positive way.

But the real reason that the readership has grown so fast is that I'm posting information on medical spas that you just can't get anywhere else.

Almost all the information available to people interested in vertical niche markets is advertising or promotion that comes from companies with an interest in 'spinning' the information. Then along comes someone on the inside. That has real appeal for those seeking real info and not advertisements. It's like Al Reis says, "If you can't be first in a market, create a new market so you can be first in that one." 

Perhaps I'll be able to figure out how to monitize the traffic. 10,000 physicians in cosmetic medicine a month ought to be worth something. 

Ain't technology great.