Park City Angel Group: Fight Club for the financiers.

Park City's going to end up with some kind of Angel group... at least that's the intent.


Through my nonsurgical medical clinics I came into contact with Clint Carnell who's the VP of Domestic Sales for Thermage. (Surface is a big user of Thermage.)

Clint and I met two weeks ago and spent almost four hours discussing who we know in Park City that might be interested in getting together al a Fight Club for investors. There are a lot of guys (or gals) in Park City who are already in this area but there's no real grit in the oyster around which to coalesce. Here's what we think:

  • Park City has some people with a little money.
  • It would like to have a place to go.
  • It's generally smart money and in some cases very smart money.
  • There's little access to Utah's deal flow since there's no vetting group and most of these guys don't know each other.

The goal will be similar to Fight Club but from the other side. (Limited group with some kind of ass filter.)

Certainly Utahs entrepreneurs could only benefit from increased completion for investment dollars, and there are more than a few guys who would like to have some sort of entity here in PC so they could write off vacation travel.

So we decided to put some smart people we know together in a room and see what happens. I've send two or three emails to people who I know and have received compete acceptance so far. I've heard that Clint's had the same feedback. It should be good.