Kiva funds every single entrepreneur in Iraq.

logoLeafy3.gifHere's something of interest: The competiton to lend to Iraqi entrepreneurs is downright fierce. 

Kiva, the microloan endevor, was on the CBS news the other night. I've blogged about Kiva before and my daughter has a Kiva fund. What caught my ear is that Kiva was now making loans in Iraq and the Middle East. So what do I do? I jump on and run a screen for Iraq and don't find a single business.  It wasn't until I included all businesses that I found four pages of Iraqi entrepreneurs, every one of which is fully funded. Oddly, they're all for the almost the same amount. I guess you need a grand to get into business in Iraq.

There's even this disclaimer:

This entrepreneur is from a volatile region where the security situation remains unsettled. Lenders to this business should be aware that this loan may represent a higher risk and accept this additional risk in making their loan.

I guess I wasn't the only American who thought I'd do my part to win some hearts and minds.

I'll have wait for the Gaza Strip Fund.