Funding Univers & Angel Investing

 5280 Angel asks about the slew of companies trying to connect Entrepreneurs and Angels.

I've got a fair amount of experience with one of these businesses, Funding Universe. I know most of the management team and founders and have attended a number of the events they host. I must say that the events are far and away the best thing Funding Universe has going on and I, like 5280 here, have a slightly negative reaction in looking a web sites alone. However, at least Funding Universe, has their 'speed dating' events that I know have resulted in a number of companies getting funded.. by angels. (I'm not sure if they've had any VC success although I know they've hosted some events in CA.)

The speed pitch works remarkably well in a number of ways. The room is set up so that investors sit on the outside of a ring of tables. The companies change tables and have seven minutes to pitch the (usually four) potential investors. The investors have 'cheat sheets' about each company and can give some feedback to the entrepreneurs.

There have been duds. But, it's a good way to see ten deals over lunch.

I'd certainly be much more leery of a stand alone site that didn't have this kind of event.