Simple Curiosity? Blog for the uber-intelligent.

dogrocketThree days ago I had something of an epiphany. There's a blog missing. 

I'd sometimes like to post interesting snippets of knowledge that are somewhat funny and viral and wouldn't fit on my other blogs... So I decided to make a new one where I could write a post or so a week on 'why?'.

I've been blogging for around three years and have learned much. (about 45,000 unique readers a month cross my blogs) One of the thinks I've learned is that groups of smart people are valuable. So, with the thought that all the readers of my blogs must be inherently uber-intelligent... I offer you this.

Simple Curiosity is a site offering uber-intelligent posts from yours truly on: History, Science, Religion, Philosophy, Literature, The Arts, Business, Technology, Music, & Politics.

The idea will be to provide small, interesting, two minute read posts that my mother will want to get in her email and forward and is perfect for Stumble Upon. Mental Floss could be considered something close to the direction I'm taking except that instead of linking out to other articles, Simple Curiosity will be all content and little commentary. You know, Dictionary word of the day stuff and heavy linkbait.

Here are a few:

I'm looking to grow Simple Curiosity? and I'll be putting some time towards it. I'm also looking for interested blog partners who are willing to commit 2-3 quality posts a month on an area that is of interest to you personally an might not fit on your current blog. I don't care what area it is as long as it's interesting. In fact, the more unknown the subject the better. Funny is needed as long as the topic isn't the Holocaust or something else touchy.

If you can write an intelligent post on:

  • How your eyeball works (well, that's one of mine so skip this first one)
  • Why plants are green.
  • How the Great Wall of China was built.
  • Romanticism
  • How a microwave oven works.
  • Egyptian war tactics
  • The rise of modern fashion.
  • A timeline of Paris Hilton's formal education. (maybe not)
  • How oral traditions were passed down among Native American tribes.
  • Footwear in the ancient world.
  • Musical Genres
  • How credit card transactions work.
  • etc.etc.etc.

I'll handle all of the technical aspects. There will be plenty of opportunities for backlinks, networking, and income will be shared equally based on contribution. You'll be able to back link to your sites, have an author page, use affiliate links, etc. You can read more here.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the right blogger(s). I you think this is you, please contact me via this form and include the fact that you read this post. I'll also be actively soliciting individual subject authorities from around the web.

If you think the site, the content, or the start of this as a potential business is worth blogging about, linking to, digging, stumbling, or whatever, I'd welcome a link or post, or subscription to Simple Curiosity's RSS Feed.