Phil Burns & The Daily Spike

internetman.jpgPhil Burns is something of a self styled geek, but even I was taken aback by just how far he'd gone with the launch of his new persona as a superhero from the internet for his

Phil seems to have been fairly stable when I've met him in the past, but his new job smuggling grapes past the Cylons has me arching an eyebrow.

Phil's been posting about the loss of privacy in China and elsewhere but it looks as though Phil may be more of a techsabitionist than anything else. That spandex doesn't provide much privacy protection if you ask me. It makes me wonder about Phil's history as a wrestling coach. I hope never to see The Daily Spike.

It seems that old hackers like Phil don't die. The just loose any fashion sense at all. I' guess the revert to the way they dressed in high school.

And, no, Phil will not be allowed to wear this getup to Fight Club... unless Ryan Money's willing to dress the same way.