Shmula: The Experience of Queueing Psychology

My bro Pete Abilla's blog, Shmula.

Pete is guru, formerly with Amazon, not with Google, making a difference at Ebay, teaching at BYU, and writing about Six Sigma and queueing theory.

Pete's given his blog something of an overhaul and initiated a series of company interviews with questions that originate with his readers.

(I'm thinking of ripping off that idea in the medical space.)

He's very aware of the psychology at work while waiting wich I find interesting. (His blog displays the 'average reading time' for each post.)

In posting about his most recent adoption, Pete touches on the psychology of waiting:

  1. Unoccupied time feels longer than occupied time.
  2. Process-waits feel longer than in-process waits.
  3. Anxiety makes waits seem longer.
  4. Uncertain waits seem longer than known, finite waits.
  5. Unfair waits are longer than equitable waits.
  6. The more valuable the service, the longer the customer is willing to wait.
  7. Solo waits feel longer than group waits.

It seems as though there should be a busines opportunity there for dealing with the cable company.