Park City Angel Network

I had dinner this week as a guest of the Park City Angel Network, an angel group that formed up here in Park City towards the end of 07 and around the same time that we put together our little angel group.

Certainly this is going to be a beneficial group to Utah's entrepreneurs and startups. I was impressed that they've already invested in three of the fifteen so startups that have pitched so far. An impressive clip out of the gate.

One of the immediate benefits of this group is that it's started out with a larger group, somewhere around 25 right now, allowing them to have some ability to fund more deals and spread the love around a little. 

Last week's meeting was more than four hours long, with two pitches and dinner. I can see that the Park City Angel Network will be around for quite some time and the the members are serious about creating a sustainable group. I mentioned that I thought it would be beneficial to roll our smaller group into this larger one. There's a considerable amount of bandwidth needed to manage these groups and 7 is just too small.

There's a growing community of quality startups out there. Park City is set to be the place to bring the best of them if you're a Utah startup.