Serenity has Lukemia.

serenitygoingtosurgery.jpgThis is Serenity. She has Lukemia.

Serenity, was diagnosed two days ago with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia . She's two.

Her Dad, Phil, is a friend of mine. He's been blogging about her condition and situation for the last few days.

The Burns family is in for some very rough times. They're not rich. While the medical bills have yet to start rolling in, the family could use some financial support to help with the expenses and costs of a large family and lost income.

This widget will allow you to help Serenity and the Burns Family with some of these costs while they go through this. If you can, please make a small donation below through this Chipin Widget and lets see if we can't take at least a little of the financial burdon off of a family in tremendous turmoil. 

This is from Phil's blog:

"Several people have contacted us asking if there is a ’support Serenity’ site or account being created.  There is.  Some other people are heading it up and I’m told it should be ready by Tuesday.  I don’t know a lot of the details on it, but for those asking, we’ll have that soon.  I’m especially moved by the offers of donations.  It was something that never occurred to me would happen, but several people have pointed out that this is going to cost a ton of money - another thing I’m not even thinking about.  It’s interesting how you can stress about money and then when something like this happens that is probably going to cost more than our house - money isn’t what you stress or think about - you just do it.  So to those thinking about it for us - thank you!  I’m sure that once we get home and back to the real world that will become a much higher priority for us. 

We have to be here in the hospital for 7 days starting today.  They have to closely monitor her while they get her started on treatment and refine the protocol they are going to use.  After that it will be weekly, then monthly visits for more than two years.  We’re honestly looking forward to all those treatments - it means we’ll have our little girl with us that long and hopefully get cured and she can go on to live a full life."