Medical Spa Training Manuals & eBooks

Medical Spa MD is now publishing training manuals and books for laser clinics, plastic surgery centers and dermatology clinics.

These medspa eBooks are designed specifically for medical estheticians, cosmetic laser and IPL technicians and front desk staff, to provide a consistant environment for new hires and keep the staff informed the latest cosmetic treatments.

It's part of an evolving plan to be able to monitize the huge community of plastic surgeons, dermatologists, laser clinics and medical spas that are part of the community at Medical Spa MD. There are more than 4,000 members and around a million and a half targeted page views, most of which are from physicians (although non-physician numbers are growing).

Medical Spa MD is a community I started a few years ago and I think it demonstrates how effective you can be if you have information that is not generally available, and know how to build and motivate an online community. Medical Spa MD will never make me rich, but it's an asset that accrues increasing value over time and more than pays for itself with new opportunities.

Medical Spa RX is the sister site to Medical Spa MD and allows these same dermatologists, plastic surgeons and laser clinics to buy wholesale Botox, Juvederm, Restylane and Dysport from Canada and distribute it world wide.

The Ultimate Clinic Operations Blueprint

But perhaps the greatest value of Medical Spa MD is simply the trust and goodwill we've grown among physicians. Medical Spa MD's influence and reach is very long, as attested to the numerous leagal threats, phone calls from lawyers, and cease and desist letters we've received.