Be Extrordinary ~ Sendside Packages

Sendside Packages solve some very difficult problems for organizations large and small. This short video demonstrates how Sendside Packages let you seperate your business from competitors and compete in ways that they can't match.

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What's Sendside good for? Hell, you're supposed to be creative...

Selling: Hey! You can now communicate complicated or important messages thorough one simple communication. As you see through the tabs above I've sent an overview, relevant facts, a magazine and even an application. Any organization that needs to communicate now has unlimited capabilities to do so and tell a complex story easily and simply. You'll be providing your clients custom 1 to 1 communication and interaction that they've never seen before.

Customer Communications: Sendside's clear communication capabilities provide the ability to 'send' information instead of asking others to come and get it. Instead of a static email, Sendside offers the capability to send high-touch, highly-interactive communications and use your existing content.

eCommerce multiplied: With Sendside you can tie in to your existing infrastructure, or not. But Sendside can still solve the headaches, costs, and inefficiencies around multiple sites with a comprehensive solution that's easy on your end users.

No IT Integration or Downloads Needed: Since Sendside is delivered as a service, there's no need to force downloads or installs on your team or IT pros. Just login and go.

Uber-Security & Compliance: Sendside's legendary security is trusted by banks, hedge funds and boards of directors for their most confidential info. Sendside's security is 'baked in' and always on, allowing every user to have complete trust in every communication and conform to any compliance need. Did I mention there's no spam, fraud, or phishing??? Tres cool.

Safety: Sendside gives everyone piece of mind with jaw-dropping capabilities like Reach, Prevention, and Recall that allow you to see every person who has access to your message, prevent forwarding, printing or downloading, and even recall a message at any time, even after it's been read. This type of control gets you some mongo bang-for-the-buck since you can switch inventory or the entire communication in-stream.

So there it is. Of course there's much more... Interactive, video, messaging, real-time reporting and analytics... Jump the curve to Sendside.