I want to do a startup?

What is all of this bullshit about "doing" startups?

In the last few years I've had this same conversation over and over, where someone says something along the lines of, "I want to do a startup but I don't have an idea yet."


That is (I'm sorry) complete bullshit.

I recognize this: I'm an artist and I've found that EVERYONE wants to be an artist because of the fun parts - the "everyone bow down to my greatness" parts.

But almost no one want's to do the work.

Because if you're an artist your life is going to be spent at 2AM in the morning alone in a dark room. That is the life. 

That is the life because to be an artist you have to DO THE ART, and that is grinding, difficult, emotionally exhausting work.

It's not just about wearing the beret and looking down on the idiots who don't understand your-inner being.

Startups are the same way. When you're telling me that you want to 'do a startup' I'll be looking to see if you understand what you're actually talking about, or if you're just talking out of your ass.