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Tag Jungle presents at Launch: Silicon Valley Venture Showcase

Tag Jungle has scored a big win in the visibility wars before it's even launched. The Tag Team has been pushing hard to go live with the site while Phil has been scrounging around trying to keep everyone fed.

The Tag Team announced tonight that Tag Jungle has been invited as one of only 30 tech startups to present at  Launch: Silicon Valley Venture Showcase. This is a big win for the wonderbread boys.

Tag Jungle will be showcasing their solution to make sense of the blogosphere. With a bazillion blogs up and running and Google and Technorati hitched to a linear search strategy of back links and keywords, there's room for a better solution. Tag Jungle thinks they're it.

I've seen it. They might be.

Tag Jungle uses some novel approaches to make sense of the millions of blog posts and sorts them using recognition patterns developed at BYU. (Help me out here if I get off base here Phil.) This new context recognition ability allows Tag Jungle to determine what the salient points of the post are and what the post is about without the keyword cha-cha. It also determines what other relevant tags might be of interest to the user and displays them as a tag cloud along the right.  I've seen this in action and it is mucho impressive. The user can use filters to target the information they're interested in including a cool 'sentiment' filter. (I'll let Phil describe that.) The relevance of the search results promises to be an order of magnitude over what's available.

If you're blogging and don't have any hardwill towards the Tag Jungle Tarzan Team (ie. If they don't owe you money.) throw them a bone and link to their site. You'll also want to jump on as a new user and try out the cool little gizmos they've built in.

Niches more profitable than hits?