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Design fckr: Good advertising & funny.

I love clever advertising.

It's funny and there's an old saying in advertising. "Tickle their funny bone and open their wallet", (or something like that.)


Of course it's more tricky than anything. Someone has to actually be sitting in the right spot for the illusion to work. It's common to try to find clever solutions like this. Hard to say how effective they are but I like the clever ones.


Googles Radio Ads: Taking on the mainstream media.

From the Wall Street journal: Google selling radio advertising

"You'll be able to target your customers by location, station type, day of the week, and time of day," wrote a member of the Google Audio Ads team on the company's Inside AdWords blog. "After the radio ads are run, you will be able to view online reports that tell you exactly when your ad played."

The ads can by played on "hundreds" of radio stations across the country, Google said. Using the online interface, advertisers will be able to set a weekly budget and define their campaigns, and then Google will let customers see and alter how their ad budgets will be spent.

This is going to put Google on a collision course with the media companies. I would expect that after letting Google develop the market the larger media companies would go direct with their own solutions leaving Google with the smaller players. The larger players won't let Google have control of their inventory. This may still make sense since the aggregate of the smaller players may be substantial by themselves.

Yahoo can't be far behind. 

Old media must embrace the amateur.

Clicking through my regular morning reads from my RSS feeds I came across this article 'Old Media Must Embrace The Amateur'  by Tom Glocer (head of Reuters), on the Financial Times. I have to say this is right along the discussion lines of a lunch we had yesterday with an 'Old Media' source.  Actually, I think these guys get it. Unlike some discussions we've had with local media outlets, there wasn't a 'circle-the-wagons' type mentality. Change is constant and if history teaches us anything, it's the folly of fixed defenses. Here are some of the more interesting snippits but the articles worth a read.