We Live In Public at Sundance

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


The best film I saw at Sundance this year was We Live In Public, winner of the Grand Jury Documentary Prize and a fantastic film. It was of special interest to me in dealing with how public all of our communication systems are. (Two women sitting next to me who were aghast to find out that Google serves up ads to you by scanning the actual contents of your email.)

Films that deal with technology usually aren't this good but Ondie Timoner and Interloper Films spent more than ten years filming, before finally discovering the story. Fantastic.

Oddjob: Allan Young’s Incoherence

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If you're among the RSS subscribers of this blog, Allan Young's blog, Incoherence, is one you might think about adding it to your feeds.

I know Allan. I like Allan. He's smart and a very critical thinker. 

I've recently been editing me RSS feeds down to what I consider something of a manageable level. (I had over 300 and it was not manageable.) Allan's blog is one of only two I've added to my feed reader in the last four months.