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Strategic Marketing & Sales Communications

Good sales communications can make a brilliant statement about your business.

The Package that Calistoga Ranch is using is a phenomenal example of sales materials that set the stage for immediate followup and move the sales process down the field.

I was impressed when I opened this communications. Not only is the Calistoga Ranch Package beautifully executed sales message, it also delivers just the message that a high end real estate community want's to deliver. A great execution for sales acceleration.

Email Never Looked Like This

Beautiful Sales & Marketing Communications.

I've been building some training Packages for Sendside's sales automation clients and I have to say, they're some really beautiful communications. Don't you wish your sales and marketing emails looked like this?

Once you get the hang of how the peices fit together and get your noggin around the fact that you can actually send any content using one of the different tab tipes (Text Editor Tabs for HTML that's built in the editor, Web Page Tabs for embedding any URL or web page, and File Tabs for showing document inside a tab) you can do some incredible things that provide real business value.

Not only do they look great, but you can see when they're opened and what content's being read. If you're using a CRM you can track all of that information all the way through to sales. It's no wonder that we have clients whose close rates have jumped by as much as 500% within  three months of implementing Sendside into their sales process. Yowza!

For any sales automation and acceleration clients of Sendside that's using Packages, you'll be recieving the Package above shortly.

Sales Acceleration


Sendside's Sales Acceleration & Sales Automation Platform explained.

The presentation above details some of the value around Sendside's sales accleration for sales teams. The studies discussed are from MIT Sloan School of Management and Kellogg School of Management and were commissioned by

If you'd like these studies, just fire off an email and we'll be happy to send them to you.

Sendside Packages: Sales Accleration + Sales Automation

We've just finished the Package below that showcases sales acceleration, sales automation, strategic marketing, and customer retention.


View this Package.

When you click the link above a new window will open... a Sendside Package.

You'll immediately notice that it's unlike email. It's much more like a web site.

In fact, anything that you can display through a browser can now be sent a a communication that can be controled.

Sendside Packages

Packages presents an entirely new way to respond to new leads and follow up with interested prospects. Rather than sending boring, uneventful emails that don’t offer any insights into prospect interest or delivery status, Packages allow organizations to send pre-bundled content that’s branded, personalized and interactive. Packages take sales collateral to a whole new level.

Sendside gives the CW Network a staggering 14,500% ROI within 60 days.

As our client list continues to grow, so do the number of success stories we hear around Sendside's sales acceleration, sales automation, strategic marketing, and customer retention capabilities. Here's a case study detailing how the CW Networks local SL affiliate KUCW, used Sendside to close deals that they'd been unsuccessfully working on for the last five years.


The CW Network is America's fifth broadcast network and a joint venture between Warner Bros. Entertainment and CBS Corporation. The SLC affiliate KUCW came to Sendside looking to provide media-rich sales materials and access instant read notifications so that their sales force could follow up immediately. Within the first 60 days of using Sendside KUCW closed deals that they'd been unsuccessfully working on for the last 5 years.


Jazz Bet on Sendside Sales Acceleration

The Utah Jazz is the first NBA team to begin using Sendside for sales acceleration. Of course, they're not the only ones. We have a growing number of clients who are using Sendside of sales automation, strategic marketing and customer retention.

In addition to being an NBA franchise, the Jazz sales team have a lot of sales to make... an NBA team, a stadium, a race track, movie theaters, concerts and events... that's a lot of inventory to move and speeding up the sales cycle is the way to do it.

Sendside gives the sales reps, sales management and marketing, the ability to craft their messages and be notified when they're opened. For high-value sales prospects that gives you an amazing ability to follow up while your content is fresh in a prospects mind and they're thinking about you.

For my part I love having the Jazz on Sendside. In fact, I have a personal side bet with the Jazz management. If the Jazz sales team is able to meet a revenue goal that's directly attributable to Sendside (completely at the discretion of the Jazz managment), we'll get four corporate season tickets.

We're pretty sure that using Sendside the Jazz can beat that goal pretty easily so I'm looking forward to watching a lot of Jazz games from court-side next season.

Sendside: Sales Acceleration Experience

Sendside's customer and member base is growing steadily, which makes us all happy around the campfire. And the largest increas in new clients is coming in from orgaizations looking to use Sendsides SaaS in four areas: sales acceleration, sales automation, strategic marketing and customer retention.

Since one of my primary responsibililties is creating and improving Sendside's user experiece, I'm constantly rethinking our members experience with the product. With so many sales forcees coming onboard, it put me in mind of something that Seth Godin posted about Google and their push to make the user experience better. 

From Seth Godin:

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google,

"We knew that Google was going to get better every single day as we worked on it, and we knew that sooner or later, everyone was going to try it. So our feeling was that the later you tried it, the better it was for us because we'd made a better impression with better technology. So we were never in a big hurry to get you to use it today. Tomorrow would be better."

...As a result of Google's decision, they made counter-intuitive decisions. No ads, for example. No clutter. No popups, no tricky interpretations of privacy policies. Instead, every decision was, "If this is going to be the one and only choice, the best search engine in the world, what should we do?" The feeling was, if they built that, the money would take care of itself. And the investors who bought in were in on the game from the start.

That quote is definately tracking with how we perceive Sendside. Everyone will try it at some point because it acutally works in exactly the ways that businesses need it to work.

Take a look at some of our customer's sales, marketing, and retention success stories. You'll notice that the vertical markets are all different. In fact, drastically so, but the enthusiasm for what Sendside is providing is remarkably consistant. Sendside is solving real business needs around sales and customer relationships.

As part of the user experience that sales teams are having with our sales acceleration and sales force automation we've added two new features that are about to be released; integration and Sendside Mobile.

Both of these features utilize our API set and were derived from listening to how our customers are using Sendside. I have to say that both are really cool. Sendside Mobile allows you to send Packages, Secure Messages or eSignatues from your smart phone. The integration allows you to send from inside and use Senside's instant reporting and analytics to see when your information is opended, and what the recipient's looking at.

From the sender's side the experience is clean and easy. Just what you want when you're accelerating sales.

Sendside Customer Success Stories.

We've been heads-down at Sendside building. We're sure we're building value and there are a number of our customers who would agree. I've copied a couple of quotes from our site below but we're always looking for more.

From organizations as diverse as financial services, technology, sales and marketing, media and entertainment, advertising agencies, medical, higher education and non-profit charities, Sendside provides integrated solutions you just can't get anywhere else; sales acceleration, sales automation, strategic marketing, and customer retention.

Here are some of the nice things our customers are saying about us.

HireVue is the worlds leading video interviewing service doing business in more than 70 countries. HireVue came to Sendside looking for way to accelerate their sales cycles and provide mind-blowing relationship marketing to their existing clients that include Google, Oracle, and Africa World Bank. Within months, Sendside increased helped increase their sales by more than 35% while cutting their sales cycle in half.
Read the HireVue success story


Contango and Western National Trust Company constitute the wealth management division of Zions Bancorporation, a public bank holding company with more than $40 billion in assets. Contango came to Sendside to provide secure, high-touch client communications and reporting to their clients. We'd like to let you know what happened but since Contango is a financial service company and can't make any claims of increased business, we can't.
Read the Contango Capital Advisors success story


Rain Nutrition uses a distributed sales network for anti-oxidents and nutrition supplements. Rain came to Sendside looking for a solution that would set them apart from a host of me-too competitors. Sendside provided.
Read the Rain Nutrition success story


First Western Advisors is registered Broker-Dealer (B/D) and Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm handling financial services from wealth management and strategic alliances. First Western came to Sendside to find a way to communicate with clients that conformed to all of their regulation and compliance needs. What they found was a comprehensive easy-to-use solution that exceeded their needs in every aspect.
Read the First Western Advisors success story



The CW Network is America's fifth broadcast network and a joint venture between Warner Bros. Entertainment and CBS Corporation. The SLC affiliate KUCW came to Sendside looking to provide media-rich sales materials and access instant alerts so that their sales force could follow up immediately. Within the first 60 days of using Sendside they closed deals that they had been unsuccessfully working on for the last 5 years.
Read the KUCW success story


What is Sendside?

Everyone at Sendside has been asked; what is it? Well, here's a pretty good overview of what Sendside is and why we're building a Platform that doesn't have the shortcomings of email.

Willam does a pretty good elevator pitch there around why email can't work for many businesses and doesn't really address the functional needs that may organizations have around their communications.

Sendside is what email could have been if, when it was designed in 1982, it was architected with all of the benefits of 27 years of technology advancement and innovation.

Wall Street & Technology Article On New Transparency

Wall Street & Technology just pushed an article that has a few Sendside clients mentioned prominently discussing the need for financial service businesses to manage their communication streams and focus on customer needs.

Wall Street Adjusts To Transparency Demands

Contango's Bichler points out that while there is no such thing as providing clients with too much comfort, firms must take clients' time constraints into consideration. "We have clients who have a strong understanding of the market but a finite amount of time to do communications," he says. "We need a channel to communicate with them."

Until the financial crisis rocked the markets nearly a year ago, Contango used to send out paper communications or e-mails to clients, Bichler relates. But that's no longer sufficient. The market might move 3 or 4 percent very quickly, and clients want to know immediately what is happening, Bichler says, adding, "We knew we needed a stronger electronic solution."

Eight months ago, Contango started using technology from Sendside Networks, which launched a new tool for brokerage and hedge fund clients that combines Web content, audio, video, Flash presentations or existing print collateral into a single, multimedia message.

To avoid overloading clients, "We're trying to tailor our communications to what our clients want to see," Bichler explains. "People who want to simplify their lives do not want too much excess content." Personalizing communications to customer preferences, he continues, is what creates loyalty.

To that end, says Loughton of Praesideo Management, which also uses Sendside, the insight the solution provides on how clients respond to messages is particularly valuable. "You can see whether they're opening a message and [in the case of an audio message] spending time listening to it," he relates.

It's nice to see our financial service clients responding so positively to what we're doing at Sendside. Of course, fin services is just one of the vertical segments using Sendside.

Be Extrordinary ~ Sendside Packages

Sendside Packages solve some very difficult problems for organizations large and small. This short video demonstrates how Sendside Packages let you seperate your business from competitors and compete in ways that they can't match.

View a Package about how Sendside speeds Sales

View a Package about Sendside powers Marketing

What's Sendside good for? Hell, you're supposed to be creative...

Selling: Hey! You can now communicate complicated or important messages thorough one simple communication. As you see through the tabs above I've sent an overview, relevant facts, a magazine and even an application. Any organization that needs to communicate now has unlimited capabilities to do so and tell a complex story easily and simply. You'll be providing your clients custom 1 to 1 communication and interaction that they've never seen before.

Customer Communications: Sendside's clear communication capabilities provide the ability to 'send' information instead of asking others to come and get it. Instead of a static email, Sendside offers the capability to send high-touch, highly-interactive communications and use your existing content.

eCommerce multiplied: With Sendside you can tie in to your existing infrastructure, or not. But Sendside can still solve the headaches, costs, and inefficiencies around multiple sites with a comprehensive solution that's easy on your end users.

No IT Integration or Downloads Needed: Since Sendside is delivered as a service, there's no need to force downloads or installs on your team or IT pros. Just login and go.

Uber-Security & Compliance: Sendside's legendary security is trusted by banks, hedge funds and boards of directors for their most confidential info. Sendside's security is 'baked in' and always on, allowing every user to have complete trust in every communication and conform to any compliance need. Did I mention there's no spam, fraud, or phishing??? Tres cool.

Safety: Sendside gives everyone piece of mind with jaw-dropping capabilities like Reach, Prevention, and Recall that allow you to see every person who has access to your message, prevent forwarding, printing or downloading, and even recall a message at any time, even after it's been read. This type of control gets you some mongo bang-for-the-buck since you can switch inventory or the entire communication in-stream.

So there it is. Of course there's much more... Interactive, video, messaging, real-time reporting and analytics... Jump the curve to Sendside.

Sendside: 2009 Digital IQ Awards Finalist

Sendside's been selected as a finalist for the 2009 Digital IQ Awards in IT Security.

Of course as I posted on the Sendside blog, I think we should also be included in Software, Business Services, Data Management, Online, Consumer Products and Marketing. (Some of the marketing bling we're about to release is uber-cool.)

2009 IQ Award Nominees 2008 IQ Award Finalists

Software: Omniture, AtTask,

Hardware: Inthinc, ATK, Celio Corporation

IT Security: Sendside Networks, ContractPal, Spearstone

Business Services: Twelve Horses , ProPay, U.S. Translation Company

Data Management: eFileCabinet, Cemaphore Systems , Digital Gateway

Human Resources/Business Training: VitalSmart, EnticeLabs, Wi5Connect

Online: Interbank FX, MediConnect Global,

Green Business: Orbit Irrigation, AquaTrack, I-O Corporation

Consumer Products & Gadgets: Control4, Amber Alert , Provo Craft

Marketing: OrangeSoda, mediaRAIN, Blendtec

100 New Sendsiders


I logged into my account this morning and saw that I've personally invited 100 people into Sendside.

By the way, we've left our Beta and released v1.0 for our Personal and soon to be released Business and Enterprise Editions. If you'd like an account, fire me off a request through the link below and I'll set you up. 


Of interest may be that <jeffbarson> following my name. It's my Sendside 'Member Name' and with this new release you can now send directly to that and I'll receive that message. In future releases you'll be able to send to other unique identifiers just by typing them into the TO field. If they're unique, they'll be delivered directly to that recipient's Sendside inbox.

The takeaway here for all of you 'social network types' is that Sendside doesn't rely on your email address but identifies you in the same way that you're identified by all of your unique identifiers offline.. as an individual with a unique identity. Cell phone, email address, social security number, street address, military ID, name... anything unique, or any unique combination of identifiers could be used to send a message.

There are plenty of identifiers you can send to, but they're generally some sort of username inside the network. As far as I know, Sendside's the only network that has the potential to combine ANY online identifier as well as all things offline to determine exactly who you are and deliver content to you with total precision and security.

That, buy the way, is tres impressive. 

Sendside on the Red Herring Top 100

red_herring_finalist_logo.gifSendside Networks is on Red Herrings list of the top 100 most promising startups.

Via Red Herring: 
"For over 10 years, the Red Herring editorial team has diligently surveyed entrepreneurship around the globe. Technology industry executives, investors, and observers have regarded the Red Herring 100 lists as an invaluable instrument to discover and advocate the promising startups that will lead the next wave of disruption and innovation.

Past award winners include Google, Yahoo!, Skype, Netscape,, and YouTube."

Getting named to these types of groups is nice, but not earth-shattering. Certainly I think that we have some potential that could be measured against the past winners, but we're all keeping our heads down on execution. It's easy to get swept up in the reaction we get from companies when we demo our technology, but the real market test will be how fast we can drive adoption and create value for the companies who build on top of us.

Sendside on Podtech

William Borghetti, founder and CEO of Sendside Networks, is no stranger to big ideas–he sold his last startup, Campus Pipeline, to Sungard after automating inefficient “stand-in-line” processes at Universities. Now, in the same way FedEx revolutionized traditional mail with overnight delivery, Sendside Networks aims to provide an entirely new way for individuals and organizations to interact and transact electronically. Borghetti and team see a future where businesses replace paper, postage, and delivery time. Instead Borghetti expects businesses to offer an exchange of rich, interactive messages, documents, even full-blown web applications in a trusted messaging environment free of spam, fraud, and phishing scams.

Borghetti’s shares the story with Brad Baldwin from Rocky Mountain Voices and explains why Sendside created an entirely new technology offering for sensitive and confidential communication. Sendside believes SMTP and “bolt-on” solutions (like encryption) just can’t extend SMTP’s life. To protect its vision, Sendside created an IP arsenal filing 16 patents.

Want to send or receive secure messages with complete tracking and guaranteed retraction–even after someone opens it? Sendside Networks opens for public sign-up April 3, 2008.

Digital IQ story on Sendside: Building a better email.

nospam2Digital IQ ran this story on Sendside: Building a better email.

We are in our new office space and it's quite a step up.

"Down a meandering hallway diffused with fluorescent lighting, in a squat two-story 1980s office complex like the one where your dentist works, is the door to Sendside Networks, Inc. Through that door you won’t find a sleek reception desk, a backlit logo, modern art, or anything else that says, “Welcome to a cutting-edge corporation, to the offices of a company that is changing the way you do business!” Rather, guests are greeted by…The Wall of Shame. Not papered with finger-pointing posters nagging you to quit smoking or gambling or visiting certain unsavory Websites – no – the red-faced source of this wall is mail. Ordinary U.S. mail and envelopes from FedEx and the like. From ceiling to baseboard, a crate’s worth of catalogs and cardboard dangles from tacks like scarlet letters.

“Our wall of shame is merely a two-week example of mail we’ve received here in the office,” says William Borghetti, CEO of Sendside. It is all mail that the company wants to be sent via the Internet and the “channel” Sendside is creating, a new category of electronic communication that promises to be highly secure, interactive and productive.

Imagine a week (or month) of your mail or, to save time, let’s talk about mine: Numerous statements from credit cards and banks. Reports and updates from my financial advisor and mutual funds. A delightful, lengthy exchange with the Veterans’ Administration over a relative’s benefits, requiring copiers and additional machinery. Queries from an insurance company that demand written responses.

Now picture all of this happening online, safely, without a hitch, knowing you received, they received – done and done. Envision a secure portal to interact and transact with all of these individuals and institutions – folks of your choosing whom you know and trust – through which you can accept, sign and return large documents. View statements and make payments without additional passwords and the click-click-click of following link after link or logging in to other Websites. Attach e-signed power of attorney papers and shoot them to the federal government and know they were recieved without interception. This is what Sendside Networks is creating – a gigantic, secure pneumatic tube from you to your sources and back.

Sendside’s network isn’t designed for all mail, but for the “layers that matter,” says Geoff Kahler, the company’s VP of marketing and sales. It’s not for protecting pictures of your pet fish and sharing with everyone on your mailing list. “Will the network entirely replace traditional email?” Kahler asks. “Not in the short term. It’s more likely to become an immediate replacement for paper-based communication,” a way to avoid the mailbox and the FedEx guy, saving billions in paper and mailing costs, including losses due to fraud, scams and lost productivity.

The idea for Sendside Networks, Inc. was hatched a couple of years ago, when, Borghetti says, “the light bulb came on for us” while going through mail and paying bills. “You may log onto your bank…so the bank has that going for it, in that you will initiate the self-service mode, but no one wants to log into the County of Salt Lake. No one wants to log into their accountant’s Web service, or lawyer’s.”

Borghetti continues, “Overall, [Sendside] is a way of restoring a two-way balance to communication in many respects. The organizations we’re talking to – not just banks, but credit card companies, insurance companies, law firms – they want to be able to send confidential information quickly, easily, cost-effectively. And the only way to do that is FedEx, U.S. Mail or the online ‘come and get it’ method, meaning there’s something important for you but you’ve got to log in and get it.”

The “come and get it” method of delivery of information – an email from your bank notifying you that your new statement is available when you click your mouse twice and type the magic words – is where a lot of time on the Web is wasted. Yes, the fact that we can pay bills online, securely, is more than we could do a decade ago, but has email and secure communication really come that far? Borghetti says no. “The world today, electronically, is a frenetic work-around to email’s shortcomings. Email encryption is a classic example of bolting on something that should be scrambled and non-viewable in transit anyways.” 

Email, or really the Internet, promised a lot of things in the beginning. Weren’t we going to save billions of trees back then because we wouldn’t be needing pesky old printers anymore, or moth-eaten books? It’s more likely (hasn’t someone out there done a study?) that we’re now able to work and produce and waste paper more rapidly than ever. Who doesn’t still subscribe to the Sunday paper, just because it feels good to open and flip and fold up each section when finished? But no one enjoys reading a financial statement (maybe some people do) or legal contracts over a cup of coffee. These are items we want to deal with as quickly, securely and professionally as possible and this is what Sendside is all about.

“We’re often misunderstood,” says Borghetti. “Is this a security thing? Is this an encryption company? What is Sendside Networks? It’s really none of those things. The heart of Sendside is being a trusted network providing the technology to allow organizations to connect to each other but also to connect to individuals. It’s not just secure email. There are a lot of secure email solutions out there, but they’re a pain in the butt for the consumer. We are creating a multi-faceted way of presenting information that is unique and novel and had never been done before.”

As founder of other technology-based companies including Campus Pipeline, a Web platform for universities that Borghetti started in his garage, the man is no stranger to new territory or the state’s start-up scene.

Jeff Barson, founder of Surface Medical, entrepreneur, networker of CEOs, blogger and “Chief Evangelist” for Sendside (according to his LinkedIn profile) writes, “William seems to be the group’s entrepreneur in residence and I find myself agreeing with him completely regarding his views with the state of startups in Utah. While it takes only a small amount of wine [to] get William’s views of the Utah capital markets and the way they work, I couldn’t agree more…William’s also philosophically inclined to give back, which I find refreshing. He’s got some good policies including buy-me-lunch-and-I’ll-tell-you-stuff, and no-need-to-call-in-on-powder-days.”

Still in the audit phase, Sendside Networks is up and running today and offering three products or levels of service. The first is, designed for individuals and available free of charge but by invitation only. Sendside Professional was developed for small- and medium-sized businesses, and for large organizations with millions of customers, there is Sendside Enterprise.

And while pricing for the professional versions is yet to be determined, Kahler says it will be a “no-brainer, approachable” alternative to the costs of regular mail and courier/shipping services. “We have an organization in California that needs to distribute quarterly updates to contracts to 850 providers at a cost of probably $25 per FedEx and usually the guy on the other side is sending a FedEx back with the signed contract, so they have a paper copy that they can shove in a file,” he says. “Why not give that organization a license, if you will, to send as much information as they want to that organization, quarterly updates, etc. for $25 a year, per customer? We’ve reduced their costs by 75 percent.”

Now, that would inspire a significant clearing of anyone’s wall of shame. In Sendside’s case, their wall may be disappearing altogether, unless someone plans to reinstall it in the company’s new modern office space in the East Cottonwood area of Salt Lake City."

Join Sendside's Invitation Only Beta


The Sendside Invitation-only Beta is now open.

To submit your name for our Beta, take a second and fill out this 16 second form.

Due to the number of requests we're receiving, we may have to limit membership for a short time. If you think someone you know would also like to be included, now's the time.

Welcome to the Sendside.

What is Sendside?

Sendside is the world's first secure, private, spam–free communications network. We think it has the potential to fundamentally change the way that people & businesses interact on the web by adding something important to every interaction. Trust.

With Sendside, there are no anonymous users, and it's unbelievably secure.

It looks and feels like email (so you already know how to use it), but it's very different since you have total control over what information you send, and what people can send to you.

Here's some of the cool stuff you can already do on Sendside:

  • Live without spam or phishing. (Zero. Zilch. Nada.)
  • Still send to any email address. (Just like your regular email.)
  • Get important info online instead of by mail. (contracts, medical records, account info. Stuff that can't be sent by email for security reasons.)
  • Store all of your important documents and files online.
  • Access from anywhere there's an internet connection.
  • Send huge file attachments (currently 100MB)
  • Recall a message even after it's been read. (Oops button)
  • Restrict anyone from forwarding a message.
  • See who your message was forwarded to.. and who they sent it to. Forever.
  • Send a self destruct message.
  • Let your kids use it as their email. (It's Family friendly)
  • Did we say there was no spam? There's also no porn, Viagra, or phony messages from eBay.

Here's what you're going to be able to do pretty soon:

  • Manage every business communication in one place. (Bank accounts, medical records, taxes, insurance...whatever.)
  • Send or receive payments instantly. (PaySide)
  • Pay every bill online. (Even a one-time bill like a $5 doctor's co-pay.)
  • Accept signatures for simple approvals or legally binding contracts.

So, let the revolution begin.

Headlines for Sendside: Telling a story.

headscrewSendside's about to lauch our Beta, If you haven't requested a Sendside membership I'd encourage you to do so since we're limiting the Beta to 10,000. (Request a Sendside Membership here.)

Before that happens we're  working hammer and tongs to get our sites updated, create Sendside's corporate and Sendside user blog, wiki, forums and such, launch SEO, direct contact, and guerilla campaigns, and keep a number of advertising and development teams on track. It will of course result in the perfect storm in Nov/Dec. (Insert crossed fingers here.)

We're currently working with an agency on headlines for, the main portal site for users. I the spirit of transparency and disclosure, I publish some of the headlines we're looking at for various purposes. In the spirit of brevity, I've included only 20 or so.

Sendside Headlines: 

Email revolutionized communication
and we revolutionized email.
Which makes us doubly revolutionary.


Email was the first (small?) step.
Sendside is the giant leap for mankind.


Sendside, highly evolved communications.


When was the last time you wanted to kiss your inbox?


Sending that critical report to your client should be a weight off of your shoulders. If not we have an Oops button.


Your future email will let you send huge files, control your message even after you send it, come with an Oops button and make martinis. Until then, no martinis. Sendside, highly evolved communications.


Sendside; you’ll want to French-kiss your inbox.


We’re happy to inform you that everything before us is obsolete.


Perfect online communication. This concludes our service menu.


Email for control freaks, spam haters, and environmentalists.


Sendside. Email walking upright. 


Spam? Phishing? Junk mail? Sendside, ignorance is bliss.


In the future there will be no spam, phishing, or junk mail. Welcome to the future: Sendside.


Give up your spam. Sendside.


Sendside users need to know a number of ways to deal with spam, phishing and junk mail. (That number is, of
course, zero.)


You give up things when you switch to Sendside. Things like spam, phishing, and junk mail.


Technology that works the way you want. Sendside.


Email just went the way of the Dodo bird.


We took a long, hard look at email and we didn't like what we saw. So we decided to get rid of it. Sendside.


Email was invented in 1982. Today it was perfected.


This ain’t your momma’s email.


Email for control freaks, spam haters, and environmentalists.


Sendside. Email walking upright.


The spam stops here.

So there it is. Part of Sendside's benefit proposition for our end users. If any of these lines tickle your curiosity, make sure you sign up for the Beta. 

Sendside Networks Blog: Bringing trust back to the web.

sendside_logo_lg.jpgSendside's new insider blog.

Since I've joined up with the rest of the Sendside team, I've got the responsibility of building Sendsides footprint on the web and engendering some trust.

If you're reading this blog or subscribing through the RSS feed, I'd suggest that you subscribe to this new blog as well. 

While I'll comment on Sendside with regularity here, this new Sendside blog will be the repository for most of the 'deep insider' posts and I'll certainly be adding other authors as well.

The site may change names or designs but I think I've got the basics nailed down. It looks pretty good if I do say so myself, I guess number twelve is the charm.